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mini intervention

In January 2022, our collective created a "mini intervention" designed to arrive by post through the doors of those who signed up to participate, immersing them in the creative world of Mendieta.

An introductory email extended the invitation...


Feathers, blood, water, sand, pigment, rich soil


Skin and hair and bone; alive, part of earth


Traces of an unbound energy, creative force; a life lived through art 


A discovery begins



We hope you enjoy being part of our small intervention and will engage with the experience. All will be revealed in the box...

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 15.33.31.png

The Box

Once the box arrives, marked "FRAGILE", the participant opens it to reveal a collection of white feathers sprinkled in red droplets (blood?). Putting their fingers inside they find a mini-parcel, something wrapped in brown paper....

The Siluetas

The paper contains a small female figure, a hand-crafted sculpture moulded out of clay by Ana Inés Jabares Pita.

It also contains a poem, imprinted on its surface. Written in the shape of a silueta, a homage to Ana Mendieta, by Abi Zakarian. 


Finally, the participant finds a code to lead them on....

Box pic inside.jpeg
Sand and Air - hands_edited.jpg

The Code

A QR code leads the participant to new beginnings....

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